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About Macy

My parents tell me that from the time I was little, I was a social butterfly.  I've always loved people and their stories, but I was also passionate about being creative and finding unique ways to share my creativity with the world. I took dance lessons, piano lessons, flute lessons, tumbling lessons, cheer lessons, art lessons ... you name it, I did it. I considered fashion design because the fashion world intrigued me and I could use my creativity to explore that side of life. I thought about being a graphic designer because I have decent art skills and figured that would be a great way to connect with the world of advertisement.


During my years of education, I learned I have a gift for writing and a passion for being creative. My journey started in broadcast journalism. I spent the first two and a half years of my college career as an anchor, reporter, host, and managing editor of Kent State’s award-winning TV station. Those experiences helped show me how I can blend all of the skills into one field, which is what lead me to public relations and marketing. I am passionate about being creative through writing, design, and using my communication skills to impact others. My goal in public relations is to inform, inspire and influence others. 

I currently serve as the Assistant Coordinator for Flash Communications in the University Communications and Marketing department at Kent State. This opportunity expanded my responsibilities to include assisting the coordinator in the planning and placement of stories, managing deadlines, coordinating weekly events distribution to local media and writing stories for Kent State Today.

Additionally, I have gained valuable leadership skills from roles including Resident Assistant, Peer Leader Trainer, Student Success Leader, and College of Communication and Information Ambassador. These positions have enabled me to become a better leader, enriched my communication skills and allowed me to interact with individuals from diverse backgrounds and varying personalities. 


My excitement to see where my Public Relations journey leads is over the top. Telling stories is my passion and I'm blessed to be able to write, create, and impact the world with the stories I write.

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